At Woodlands Infant School we challenge ourselves to be 'the best me I can be!'
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The best me that I can be!



We use a synthetic phonic scheme to teach reading called Read Write Inc. It is a very successful and systematic way to teach reading and all children make very good progress using this approach. We hold information evenings for parents about phonics and Read Write Inc. so parents can support their child’s reading at home.


Find more information online about Read Write Inc here:

We follow the ‘Inspire Maths’ approach to teaching mathematics in KS1.

It  is built on the proven approach to teaching mathematics in Singapore, recognised globally as one of the most impactful ways to teach and learn maths.


  • The programme follows a concrete – pictorial – abstract approach which ensures deep understanding of mathematical concepts during individual lessons and over time.
  • Carefully-designed spiral progression in the programme builds up knowledge over time, enabling all children to become confident mathematicians.
  • Inspire maths guided sessions promote discussion and exploration, with a strong emphasis on mathematical language, speaking in full sentences, and reasoning (by children consistently being required to explain how they know).
  • Frequently Asked Questions about Inspire Maths can be found by clicking here.