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Welcome to Reception.

Welcome back to the spring term. We have a new topic all about dinosaurs.


We have been exploring an egg that was delivered to the classroom.


The children were very excited to discover the egg had hatched and were using magnifying glasses and footprint guides to investigate the prints. They were super learners and they made 'wanted' posters around school describing the footprints and asking for help from the rest of the school.  



We have a new role-play area. It's a palaeontologist dig; the children are excavating fossils and bones and recording their finds.



 We had a series of emails from a palaeontologist and he was helping us to learn about excavating, looking for fossils and how we can research different dinosaurs. We have been using information books and the internet on the computers (google/ cbeebies) to research different dinosaur facts. Andy's dinosaur adventures are a big favourite.


 We were very lucky to have a potter visit school and help us learn about clay and pottery and we then made our own clay dinosaurs. These will be kiln dried and then we will have them back.



Coming up.....

We have a super dinosaur day planned for the 5th February- keep an eye out for some photographs from this day.




Our videos are fantastic and we hope you enjoy watching them. These have been produced to give you an insight in to how we teach reading, phonics and key words, how we manage target books and on overall essence of a day in Reception. .

The Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum (EYFS)

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A brief overview of the birth to five curriculum and how it is offered in Reception.


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Take a look. This is how we teach the sounds. The children will learn to read the sound, say the sound and write the sound. This links to the sound books they have recently brought home. Please come and ask if you have any questions.

Building Learning Power (BLP)

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We teach the children to use their learning power muscles to be Resilient (to keep trying, to be Resourceful (to access what they need independently), to be Reciprocal (to know if they need help) and to be Reflective (to think back and make links in their learning).

Target books and maths passports

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Please look and see how we set, check and renew targets. If you are ever available to help in school then we may well ask for help checking targets.

Key words

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This video will help you to see how we teach key words in school. Please come and see a member of the team if you have any questions. Key words are read by 'sight' and not through blending the sounds.
Key words are checked regularly and as soon as children know enough of each set of words and they can read them independently they will then get the next set. It is not a race to learn them but more the quality of knowing the words solidly and being able to read them independently in books.

Reading packs

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This video will help you know the routine of using the reading packs, the importance of reading at home and using the diaries to record the occasions you have read at home.

Frequently asked questions

Please see below some questions we have been asked that we think would benefit all of you.

Do Reception do 'WOW' moments and if so is there an email to send them to?

Do the children do chatter-bags and if so what days please?

We do NOT do emails or chatter-bags in Reception. The children can bring in show and tell items that are related to their current topic or learning. They can give these to the adult on the door as they come to school. The opportunity to share these will be on an ad-hoc basis depending on the time available each day.

I have a volunteer DBS from being a Forest School helper-does this stay valid all through school?

Yes. The DBS will be in place as long as you have a child at the school.

I am able to volunteer for Forest school- would it be helpful to help in the class before hand as well?

You are always welcome to help in class. There will jobs such as reading with children and checking targets where we appreciate the input from volunteers.


Welcome to Reception.


Welcome to Reception! 


Please keep an eye on this page and on the weekly newsletter because we will be adding new information in the next few weeks. 


We will be adding vlogs giving information about your child's year in Reception. For example, about the curriculum, BLP (Building Learning Power), Literacy, Target books, Reading packs etc.


Please keep an eye on the door for menus and forest school dates.


If you have ANY questions or queries, please do not hesitate to ask. We are here to help smiley






Information for Parents: How to say the sounds

Please watch this video for information about how to say the sounds correctly when reading with your children.

Follow the link to below to the CBeebies number raps. They will help your children to learn about the numbers 1-15.

Thank you for reading!

 Mrs Thomas & Mrs Knowles

Reception Class Teachers.