Welcome to Woodlands, where children are encouraged to be the best me they can be!
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The best me that I can be!

Who's Who

Mr C. Reilly - Headteacher and Designated Safeguarding Lead


Mrs C. Peel - Deputy Headteacher, Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead, Key Stage 1 Leader and Year 1 Teacher


Mrs A. Thomas - Early Years Leader and Reception Teacher


Mrs G. Knowles - SENCo and Nursery Teacher


Mr J. Farley - Reception Teacher


Mrs L. Webb - Teacher


Mrs J. Turner - Year 1 Teacher


Miss R. Rowe - Year 2 Teacher


Miss C. Ackers - Year 2 Teacher


Miss L. Davies - Woodlands Childcare Manager and Safeguarding Lead


Mrs S. Davies - Woodlands Childcare Deputy Manager


Mrs S. Hirst - Year 2 Teaching Assistant


Ms T. Harris - Year 2 Teaching Assistant


Mrs J. Sweeny - Year 1 Teaching Assistant


Mrs M. Ghosh - Year 1 Teaching Assistant


Mrs G. Lyons - Reception Teaching Assistant


Mrs C. Carver - Reception Teaching Assistant


Mrs J. Phelan - Nursery Teaching Assistant


Mrs C. Gordhan - Year 1 and SEN Teaching Assistant


Mrs K. Jones - SEN Teaching Assistant


Mrs S. Sajjad - Woodlands Childcare Teaching Assistant


Miss A. Lees - Woodlands Childcare Playworker


Mrs S. Walshaw - Woodlands Childcare Playworker and Lunchtime Supervisor


Mrs D. Bayliss - Woodlands Childcare Playworker and Lunchtime Supervisor


Non teaching staff:


Mrs D. Bosco - School Business Manager


Mrs R. Johnson - School Secretary


Mr G. Carmichael - Site Manager


Mrs R. Tewari - Lunchtime Supervisor


Mrs S. Ganapathy - Lunchtime Supervisor


Mrs H. Morgan - Lunchtime Supervisor


Mrs C. Kaar - Lunchtime Supervisor


Mrs K. Burnham - Lunchtime Supervisor


Mrs B. Ellis - Lunchtime Supervisor


Mrs J. Maund - Cleaner


Mrs R. Haden - Cleaner


Mr J. Loone - Cleaner


Mrs S. Bown - Kitchen Staff


Mrs S. Solanki - Kitchen Staff


Mrs L. East - Kitchen Staff


Mrs R. Jelley - Kitchen Staff