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11th January Remote Learning

Monday 11th January 


  • 9:00 - Wake up with Joe Wicks!

Joe Wicks PE/ wake up lesson. You can choose his live one or a short exercise!


  • 9:30-10:00 - Live phonics session with either Mrs Pelosi or Mrs Hirst.

Please login to the TEAMS meeting using the invite which you have been sent.


  • 11.00-11.30 Maths

Today in maths, we are learning  about multiplication using the symbol (x).

Watch the White Rose Maths teaching video first, then go through the PowerPoint. Then either print off the worksheet and answer the questions, or if you don't have a printer, you can write your answers in an exercise  book or onto a sheet of paper.

Multiplication using the x symbol

Multiplication using the x symbol" by White Rose Maths teaching video.

English -

Please watch this pre recorded English video

English picture

Music-pre-recorded non-core - Oak academy music lesson

1.30-2.00 Geography-Live session

After the  live lesson, have a go at this worksheet. - Story time




9:00-9:30-Assembly/Storytime/Intro to the day-LIVE with Mrs Pelosi

9:30-9.50-Phonics LIVE with Mrs Pelosi/Mrs Hirst-You'll need paper and a pencil or a whiteboard and pen.

10:00-10:30-Pre-recorded English Introduction with Mrs Pelosi-Write a character description explaining what Evil Pea is like. There are two different videos to support your learning. The two recordings are towards the bottom of the page, you'll see them by scrolling down. Be sure to watch them in the right order!

Use the HOT Seating activity to help you to write a character description. Using the information from the Hot-Seating activity, you could start like this: Evil Pea is a mischievous, emerald -green coloured troublemaker! He thinks that he is the King of everything and wants to take over the world and capture and trap different fruits and vegetables so that he can rule over everyone!


Please write about 10-14 lines if you can. Your title can be-'Evil Pea Character Description'. Once you have finished the writing, please illustrate it too with a picture of Evil Pea. You could even label the different parts of him that you described and add extra information in brackets, like we have done before in English. For example, if you labelled his mask, in brackets, you may write (to disguise his menacing eyes).


10:30-11:00-Basic Skills-Compound Words-This is something you need to know in Year 2 and we have learnt about his a little before. Please click on the link to BBC Bitesize and watch the videos/play the games.


11.00-11.30-Maths-Please watch the teaching video, word through the PowerPoint and then complete the worksheet. You can either print the worksheet attached further down, or write the answers on paper.

11:30-12:00-Please practise writing and reading the spellings which were posted onto SEESAW yesterday. Can you put them into sentences of your own too? Yo can do this on lined paper or in an exercise book.

1:00-1:30-Draw With Rob! Following on from my story-time last week 'Odd-Dog-Out' by Rob Biddulph, try drawing your own Odd-Dog! Click on the link on the attached sheet and watch the you tube video and follow Rob's instructions.



Watch the above teaching video before going through the PowerPoint with your child.

English 10:00-10:30

1. Below, is Mrs Pelosi's pre-recorded English lesson for Tuesday 10:00-10:30 slot. Watch this video first.

Meeting with Lisa Pelosi-20210111_141007-Meeting Recording.mp4

Still image for this video
2. Watch this video after you've watched the first one above. Click on the link below, to watch Mrs Pelosi write the start of Evil Pea's character description. I can't wait to read your work!

Basic Skills Video Link 10:30-11:00 Tuesday

Today, the focus is on compound words.



1:30-2:00-Live PSHE lesson with Mrs Pelosi

2:00-2:30-Yoga-Click link below for a Cosmic Yoga session.

2:30-3:00-Live Story Time with Mrs Pelosi

Norris the Baby Seahorse | A Cosmic Kids Yoga Adventure!

⭐ Yoga Quest is a Cosmic Kids challenge where you print out maps & check off Yoga Adventures!⭐ Get ONE MONTH FREE in January to complete Yoga Quest ad-free o...


9:00-9:30- Joe Wicks Live session: Please click on the link below if you fancy a bit of exercise with Joe to wake you up!




9:30-10:00 Live English session via TEAMS with Mrs Pelosi-a link for this will be sent to you. You will need a pencil and either print the sheet below, or alternatively, draw an outline of a person, like the attached sheet. 


10:00-10.30-Pre-recorded phonics lesson with Mrs Pelosi or Mrs Hirst. Please select your video before.


10:30-11.00-Basic Skills


Watch the BBC bitesize handwriting video and practise writing the letters.

11.00-11.30 Maths

Please watch the learning video first, then go through the PowerPoint with your child. You can either print off the worksheet and write directly on there, or write the answers on a piece of paper. You are very welcome to come and collect a squared maths book from school if you would find this beneficial.


11:30-12:30-Spelling Practise

Please practise reading and writing these words from the Year 2 Common Exception Word List


People            Everybody             Parents           Should           Money


Behind                                          Because                                 Eye

1:00-3:00-Whole School Activities


Mrs Wood has suggested some activities for this afternoon, please click and read the sheet below.

Mindfulness Activity Cards

As this was missed off Monday's list, here are some mindfulness activity cards for you to try.


Attached below, is the new format detailing the learning for each day. It also contains the links/resources, but if you can't access them from the attached sheet, I have attached the resources below too.


Maths Resources



PowerPoint to watch after Mrs Pelosi's pre-recorded lesson.

Basic Skills Resource


RE Rescources
PE resources




9:00-9:30- Joe Wicks Live session:

Please click on the link below if you fancy a bit of exercise with Joe to wake you up!


9:30-10:00-LIVE session with Mrs Pelosi.

Please join us using your child's TEAMS login for automatic access to the lesson. Please print off the worksheet below to complete after our lesson, or alternatively write the answers on a piece  of paper. 



Learning Objective: To be able to count in multiples of 2.

To Be Successful: I need to know my two times table or use counters to help me.

10:00-10:30-Phonics-Pre-recorded session.


Mrs Hirst's group-watch the video below, then be a sound detective by reading the phoneme spotter and writing down all the words you spot containing the ue phoneme:

Mrs Pelosi's group, watch the video below first then complete the attached worksheet:


Friday's pre-recorded phonics lesson Mrs Pelosi's group

Let's practise the spelling rule for -ing suffix.

10:30-11:00-Basic Skills

Reading for Pleasure Time-Yay!!! Woop Woop! Daily, we have Reading for Pleasure time in school, from 12:10-12:30, so the children are very used to grabbing their slippers and curling up with a god book, whilst Mrs Hirst and I listen to readers. So, grab your favourite book, snuggle up under a duvet or blanket and simply enjoy reading a book! Send us a photo of you reading your favourite book.


11:00-11:30 Pre-recorded English Lesson with Mrs Pelosi

Must: I can answer the retrieval, vocabulary and prediction questions.

Should: I can answer the retrieval, vocabulary, prediction  and inference questions.

Could: I can answer all of the questions.


Today, we will be practising our comprehension skills, using the VIPERS, which we use in school. Attached below, is the worksheet with the comprehension questions to complete after you've watched the video below, explaining how we teach comprehension and what VIPERS stands for.

Pre recorded English Lesson for Friday

An explanation of the VIPERS for reading comprehension.

if you need to listen to the story of Evill Pea Rules before answering the questions, below is a you tube version of the story. Remember to answer  in full sentences please. 

Supertato Evil Pea rules - Books Alive! Read Aloud book for children

Books Alive! Read aloud Supertato Evil Pea rules by Sue Hendra and Paul Linnet. The Evil Pea has escaped and he has a festive evil plan can Supertato or sant...

11.30-12.00-Spelling Practise

Please practise spelling the words which you have been given this week. Remember to use the spelling strategies which I have taught you-segment to spell! Sound out the words and listen to the sounds you can hear, then think about which grapheme you need to write, to represent those sounds.

1:00-1:30- Pre-recorded non-core

Whole Class Guided Reading with Mrs Pelosi. It is really important that we keep this up, as it helps us to understand what we are reading and it teaches us the skills of reading.

The children are used to this as it's the same format that we follow in school. I have added a voice over on each slide, to help you to understand a bit more about how it works. So please click on the microphone on each slide so that you can listen to my explanation! You do not need the book for this. You literally read the slide and do what it says on each slide. The relevant illustration or text will already be provided for you on the slide.  The sessions only last around 20-30 minutes, hence each lesson would only ever focus on an illustration or page of text  at a time, in order to really hone in and teach the skills required for reading. 

1:30-2:00-Basic Skills LIVE session with Mrs Pelosi


Login to TEAMS using your child's login details to revise homophones. Then have a go at the attached worksheet below.



2:00-2:30-Go for Walk!


It is important to try and get some fresh air and exercise every day, as it lifts our mood and improves our fitness levels. So grab your shoes and wrap up warm! Whist on your walk, see if you can spot some Winter plants or animals!

2:30-3:00-LIVE story time with Mrs Pelosi or Mrs Hirst

Use your child's TEAMS login to join in with our live story time, Don't forget to grab your blanket or dressing gown and your fave toy!!

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