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18th May 2020






This week, your learning will be based around the fabulous book-The True Story of the Three Little Pigs, by Jon Scieszka.  Below, you will find some different slides, detailing the different activities.  Work at your own pace, do two slides per day, or more if you wish, it's totally up to you! There are some  questions to answer about the book and there are some writing activities to do as well.  I have attached a video version of the story, as well as a text version of the story. The wolf has even written a letter to you and he would like  you to write back to him!

The TRUE story of the 3 little pigs by A.Wolf as told to Jon Scieszka. Grandma Annii's Story Time

The wolf is trying to set the story straight of how he came to be 'big and bad'. It's the story of the 3 little pigs from the perspective of Alexander T. Wol...

Below, you will find the first set of activities, linked to the story.
Below, you will find the next set of activities linked to the story. There is a Power Point and a worksheet about adverbs, linked to the story.


The wolf has written you a letter and guess what? He would like you to reply to him! 

Below, is a shared writing video, to help you write your reply to the wolf. The wolf cannot wait to receive your replies!

Shared Letter Writing -Activity 3

Watch Mrs Pelosi drafting a response to the big, bad wolf!


Once you have written your letter, we would like you to review what you have written and edit it to make it better! The questions below should help you to check whether you have included everything in your letter. If you haven't, can you add them in? 


Have you set out your letter correctly?

Have you included capital letters and full stops?

Have you written in the first person? (I, my or me).

Have you included conjunctions like: because, but, if, so, however, or?

Did you include a rhetorical question? ( A rhetorical question is one for which you do not expect an answer!)

Did you include powerful adjectives?


If you have included all of the above, then you can move straight up the chart to super gold!!

Below, you will find the rest of this week's home learning information and activities.


To any children/parents who have misplaced their Mathletics username and password- please contact me at and I will send it to you. Then you can enjoy playing the online maths games and completing the activities from home. Thank you!


White Rose are currently producing excellent daily maths lessons for Years 1-8. Please click on the link below to see their fantastic lessons!


Mrs Ghosh has found us a great website that is allowing temporary access to thousands of free books! Please follow this link:


This week, we would like you to do some work on contractions. Can you remember what a contraction is? If not, how can you find out? Look at the Power Point first, then complete the worksheets attached. If you do not have a printer, you can copy the sentences onto a sheet of paper instead.


The homeschooling lessons have been created with teachers and other educational experts and feature a mix of videos, animations, practice activities, quizzes and games. Click on the link below.


Did you know that our mental health is changeable, meaning that it can go up and down just like our physical health? Therefore it's very important to look after both! Eating well, drinking lots of water, exercising daily and getting a good nights sleep, all contribute to good mental and physical health. Remember, if you do feel a bit sad, worried, scared or anxious about anything, always talk to a trusted adult or even email one of your teachers! Telling someone about your worries can help take them away. Below, are some links to some well-being websites which you may enjoy.

Below are some well-being activities for you to enjoy. Remember you are TRULY amazing and special!! 

Remember that doing good, does you good! We thought that this week, your 'doing good' activity could be to write either a positive message, postcard or letter and send it to your local care home. If you don't want to write anything, then why not draw or paint a positive bright, coloured picture and send that instead? I am sure that the residents and staff would really appreciate it and it would really cheer them up! Below are some addresses of local care homes that you could post your letters or pictures to:


Fountains Care Home

1355 Stratford Road



B90 4EF


Sunrise of Solihull
1 Worcester Way
Dog Kennel Lane

B90 4JX


Swallows Meadow Court

33 Swallows Meadow



B90 4PH


There are lots of different ways that you can take care of yourself and of your well-being! For example Mrs Pelosi likes to see her friends and family, because this always cheers me up! Also, I like to read, go for a run and dance and sing along to songs! These activities always help me to feel relaxed and happy. Miss Anderson likes to relax by seeing her family and friends and by going on a bike ride! Below, is one tune that always makes Mrs Pelosi and Miss Anderson feel happy-'Reach' by S Club 7. Why don't you and your family join in and sing and dance along?!


S Club 7 - Reach


Below are some activities that you may enjoy, which are linked to the weather.

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The best me that I can be!

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