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Nightingale Academy

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19th October 2020


In English this week, we are learning about climate change and we will be writing a persuasive letter to Boris Johnson, to ask him what they are doing to support the country in reducing the effect of climate change.Emotive language is a key feature of persuasive letter writing. What effect does it have on the reader?


In Mondays maths lesson this week we are recapping from Friday last week.  This is to help make sure that the children fully understand the topic.  Please use this time to look back at last weeks PowerPoints and refresh your child's memory.  Those lessons are filled with important foundation knowledge for the rest of the topic.
This week in Geography we are going to be doing more research on the seven continents.  We are going to be doing some of our own online research and look at some maps to develop our skills.  Can you spot where all the seven continents are on a map?



In PE this week we are developing our gymnastic skills by making some shapes based on skyscrapers from around the world.  Have a look at some pictures of skyscrapers and see, can you make your body into that shape?

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Nightingale Academy

Woodlands Infant School

The best me that I can be!

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