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Nightingale Academy

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The best me that I can be!

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This half  term's topic is: This is Me!

9:00 - Wake up with Joe Wicks!

Joe Wicks PE/ wake up lesson. You can choose his live one or a short exercise!


9:30-10:00 - Live phonics session with either Mrs Pelosi, Miss Bowden, Mrs Ghosh or Mrs Hirst.

Please login to the TEAMS meeting using the invite which you have been sent. You will need some paper and a pencil for this lesson.


10:00-10.30 English Pre-recorded Lesson

Must:  be able to speak clearly

Should: be able to take it in turns to speak and listen

Could: use a variety if words to express my ideas

We always start a new English text with an experience day, in order to engage the children and to capture their interest. Our new text for this week is one of my favourite's: 'The Bear and the Piano' by David Lichfield. Below, is a little video to explain today's lesson. This wee in Englsih, we shall be focussing on our talents! You will need some 'junk' or some items from your recycling bin, as you are going to be making something today...

English Monday 18th Jan

Pre-recorded English lesson

10:30:11:00-Basic Skills

A noun phrase includes one noun (as well as words like the, it, you, I etc.) it, for example: The dog. In the classroom, children might be asked to look at noun phrases and turn them into expanded noun phrases, for example changing 'The  dog' to 'The big, furry black dog'. By adding more information about the noun (eg. by using adjectives to describe the noun), turns noun phrases into expanded noun phrases. When I ask the children to include expanded noun phrases in their work, I will often ask them to include 3 adjectives, separated by commas. For example: The dejected, lonely, fury bear sat in the corner, staring sadly at the door.  You can also add extra  information by including relative clauses like: 'which' or 'who' or 'that'. e.g. The big, furry black dog, who had a sore, poorly leg, limped back to his cosy home.


Turn these noun phrases into expanded noun phrases:

1) They  have a car.

2) The girl danced.

3 He has a dog.

4) My teacher.

5) That shark. 


11.00-11.30 Maths

Learning Objective: To be able to count in multiples of 5.

To Be Successful: I need to know my five times table or use counters to help me.

Today in maths, we are learning  about how our five times tables can help us solve problems. Watch the White Rose Maths teaching video first, then go through the PowerPoint. Then either print off the worksheet and answer the questions, or if you don't have a printer, you can write your answers in an exercise  book or onto a sheet of paper.

5 times-table

This is "Spr2.2.4 - 5 times-table" by White Rose Maths on Vimeo, the home for high quality videos and the people who love them.

11:30-12:00-Spelling Test

Today, please quiz your children on the spellings given to you last week. From this week onwards, we will revert back to our 'Woodlands Warrior's' spellings format. Below, you will find the spellings that need to be learned this week which your child should be quizzed on  next Monday. 



 1:00-1:30- Music

Please watch the BBC Bitesize video, read the information and have a go at the activity at the end.


1:30-2:00-LIVE  Lesson-Geography 

We are continuing to learn about London and it's famous landmarks!

If possible, print off London Map 3B and worksheet 3A. Children to use the map to answer the questions on the worksheet.



Remember that mindfulness is about taking time to relax and doing things that make you happy. It is also about really focussing on what you're doing, by taking your time and appreciating the activity. Below, is a list of some different things you could do at home.

2:30-3:00-LIVE Storytime with your class teacher!

Login with your child's TEAMS details and snuggle up with your favourite toy and blanket for our favourite time of the day...

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