Welcome to Woodlands Infant and Nursery School where we encourage the children to be the best me that they can be!
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The best me that I can be!

School meals and school milk

All children have a school meal which is cooked and served on the premises.  There is a ‘cafeteria’ service in the school hall, and children are given a choice of menu at the beginning of each week.  We follow a healthy eating policy, including the use of a wide range of fresh fruit and vegetables and wholemeal flour.  We are also a nut-free school. 


School milk is free to children under 5 years of age however all other children can register to receive it by completing a simple registration form (from the school office) through ‘Cool Milk Ltd’.


Drinking water is encouraged throughout the day. The children need to bring a water bottle to school each day and they fill this as soon as they come into the classroom. It is kept in the classroom so that it is available for them to drink from during the day. 

We provide a freshly cooked school dinner for your child and as a healthy school we encourage your child to eat a nutritious balanced meal everyday.  There are three menus served on a  rolling basis - please find them below: