We are a wonderful, nurturing school and excited to be able to offer prospective families to look around our school again opposed to offering a virtual tour. Please contact the school office for further information and information on our robust Covid protocol. We look forward to seeing you and showing you what we can offer.

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Good mental health is just as important as good physical health. If you break a leg you see a doctor and soon you will feel better. If you have asthma or diabetes you might need longer term support. It’s the same with mental health; some things can be sorted out quickly but others might take a lot of time and support.


At Woodlands we believe that teaching children and families about wellbeing is an educational right, an essential not an extracurricular! It is natural for everyone to have times when they feel things are a little more difficult than others but if those feelings stop someone from reaching their full potential, we believe it is vital to look at what support and strategies can be put in place. At Woodlands we want to support pupils, their families and our staff.


We have begun building wellbeing naturally into our curriculum to teach children how to look after themselves and who can help them if and when they need it.


We hope that you find the links on this page supportive and that you will work with us to take away any stigma linked to mental health and to encourage open, honest and real conversations. There is a list of external support providers under 'Support for Families' and a list of books to support mental health under 'Wellbeing Library' within this Wellbeing tab. We encourage you to share this with as many friends and family members as possible so we can drive forward positive mental health in our community and beyond.



For Woodlands families, we have a wellbeing team that will continue to build the profile for wellbeing for pupils and staff at Woodlands. They are:

Mrs Tania Wood, Headteacher (Adult Mental Health First Aider)
Mrs Natasha Ellgood, Class Teacher and Wellbeing Lead (Child Mental Health First Aider)
Mrs Lynn Spencer, Teaching Assistant, Wellbeing Assistant (Child Mental Health First Aider)



If you are concerned about your child please contact us via the email address below, or book an appointment to see one of us with the school office.

Wellbeing team confidential email address:

We also have a range of Wellbeing policies to support children, their families and the wider community. These can be found under  'Policies' under 'Our School' and include:

  • Positive Mental Health Policy
  • Bereavement Policy 
  • Behaviour Policy

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