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Nightingale Academy

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27th April 2020



Weekly focus:

  1. Begin to handle coins and become familiar with coins
  2. Recognise and know the value of different denominations of coins and notes


I Must identify the 1p, 2p and 5p coins.
I should sort a collection of coins up to 20p and form equivalences such as two 1p coins are worth the same as one 2p coin, up to four 5p coins are worth the same as one 20p coin.

I could solve some problems such as 'How many different ways can you make 25p? How do you know you have them all?'




I Must identify coins and order them according to their value.

I should role play buying an item in a shop. I can select the correct coins to pay for an item costing 23p and know that, if I hand over a £5 note, I should get some change.

I could assemble the appropriate coins and notes to pay for any item up to £10, explaining why I have chosen them.



Money daily virtual whole lessons packs
Each link has videos, worksheets and ideas

Day 1 – Making Money amounts 


Day 2 – Add money by counting on


Day 3 – Add 10p and 20p to prices


Day 4 – Finding change when shopping


Day 5 – Difference between prices


Idea 1 – Worksheets

Use the Counting Mixed Coins and answer the questions.


Idea 2 – Mathletics

Mathletics will be live on Monday with the following:


Idea 3 – Practical

  • Sort money out and discuss what it represents.
  • Make a pretend shop, label items to show how much they cost and sell them.
  • Play a board game using money e.g. monopoly
Below, is the Beach Safety Power point that you will need to help you with your topic work for this week. Remember to email us any fantastic work you do, it always cheers us up!

This term our learning will be linked to learning about the seaside:

I must be able to create a poster which tells people how to stay safe at the seaside.

I able to create a seaside safety poster and include simple labels and captions.

I could create a seaside safety poster and include more detailed labels and captions.

  • Have a think about how you can keep safe at the seaside. Why do you need to keep safe? What are the dangers present at the seaside? Have a look through the Beach safety power point.
  • Activity 1: Can you create a colourful, bright poster telling people how and why they must keep safe at the seaside? Can you label it too and write captions to explain each of your pictures?

Stay safe!

Love from,

Mrs Pelosi, Mrs Ellgood and Miss Hilpert-Smith


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