We are pleased to annouce we have recieved a Certificate of Excellence from The National Pearson Teaching Awards for 'Make A Difference' Primary 2021 Category!

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Nightingale Academy

Woodlands Infant School

The best me that I can be!

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Wall of Wondrous Work

We are all so proud of our children and of all of the hard work that they have been doing at home and in school. We know how hard it can be to motivate children to do work at home, yet we have been absolutely bowled over by the work that we have received. We want to showcase some of the wonderful work that has been going on!-take a look!

Reef - Reef is working hard to get his 100 reading certificate with the help of his reading buddy Hudson

Isla - Letter to her new teacher

Simran - Year 1

Kate - Year 1

Lydia - Year 1

Simran - Year 1

Maia-Year 2

Dear Bob,

My name is Maia and I am in year 2 at Woodlands Infants school.  I was over the moon when I received your letter to go to the moon in a spaceship. I’m so excited to go on our trip!

On the day of the trip I am going to get ready and put on a bright white soft space suit.  Have some sweet, crunchy Frosties with milk, then make a pack lunch.  The packed lunch will be tasty pizza and yummy chocolate chip cookies.  I will take a game with me called Twister it is really fun! I also want to take a snack with me it would be some fruit.

As I zoom through the atmosphere on the way to the moon in my pink glittery Rocket.  I will be really, excited because I might see shooting stars, the Milky Way, and ALIENS!

I have been thinking of lots of ways to look after the moon as I believe there are aliens littering the planet.  I am sure I have seen and heard them!  They have unhealthy green skin, have lots of enormous googly eyes, gritted yellow pointed teeth with a wonky nose.

How could we look after the Moon and keep it clean and tidy?........We could invite the aliens to a picnic and put enormous bins on the moon and put signs up everywhere .We could teach them how to keep their planet clean and how to speak English. 

I would love to invite some of my friends to the moon because we could have a picnic with the aliens! We could talk to the aliens about being ECO-FRIENDLY.

What a lovely time we will have.  I can’t wait to go to the Moon!

Your sincerely

Maia M.

Edward B - Year 2

Reef- Year 1 - Maths- Number bonds to 10 online basic skills game

Harman - Year 1

Emily - Year 1

Lydia - Year 1

Anna's Transition Postcard (Reception)

Rossana's Floating & Sinking Experiment (Reception)

Robert A.-Year 2-Letter to Bob (Man on the Moon)

Dear Bob

My name is Robert and I'm amazed that you invited me to the moon!

I will not sleep because I will be so excited about going to the moon and I might be tired in the morning.

In the morning I will brush my teeth and I will have a quick shower then I will put on my best t-shirt on.

For breakfast I will have spreadable cheese on soft,crispy toast along with some warm tea.

I will take a orange and a crisp packet for my snack.

Then I will go to the space station and then I will put on my space suit and I will sit down into the rocket and I will blast off onto the moon.🚀

When I land on the moon I will test how high I can jump on the moon because the gravity is weaker than the gravity on the Earth.

Then I will buy some of the sovieneres that Bob sells.

After that I will have a picnic with Bob.

Then I will find those pesky,little aliens responsible for most of the rubbish on the moon, and prove that they’re real!

After the long,big day,I will go home in the evening and enjoy my moon inspired dinner.

Then I will brush my teeth and I will have a shower before I go to bed.

Finally I will have a lovely dream about the moon.

See you soon!



Niko R.-Year 2- Wanted Poster for The Tear Thief


Jiya's Ladybird Story! Reception

Jiya's typed story and information (Reception)

Lucy C. Year 2-'Types of tears I cry' based on 'The Tear Thief'
Lucy C. Year 2-Wanted Poster based on 'The Tear Thief'

Zac Year 1


Luke Year 1

Mia Year 1

Poppy M Year 2

Veer-Year 2

Jacob A. Year 2


Millie-Mae Year 2


Emily -Year 1

Jack-Year 1

Elliss-Year 1

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Nightingale Academy

Woodlands Infant School

The best me that I can be!

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