Welcome to Woodlands Infant and Nursery School where we encourage the children to be the best me that they can be!
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The best me that I can be!


Our pupils are extremely well behaved.


Our school rules are based upon the simple principles of consideration and respect for others and self.  They are known as 'Golden Rules' and are displayed prominently throughout the school.  We encourage good discipline by praising and rewarding children. 


Misbehaviour is dealt with in a variety of ways appropriate to the nature of the offence and the age of the child.  This usually involves loss of privileges.  The Headteacher has the right to exercise professional judgement in the exclusion of pupils.


The school’s behaviour policy can be viewed in the Policies and Key Documents section of our school website.



Our Golden Rules


  • We work hard
  • We listen
  • We are gentle
  • We are honest
  • We are kind and helpful
  • We look after property