In September 2022, Woodlands Infant School was inspected. Woodlands is a good school with outstanding features!

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There is so much more to geography than many of you will realise. When we are learning about geography, we are called geographers. Barely a day goes by when you will not hear or be a part of something that is to do with geography. Such as; weather, locations, climate, your local area and other areas in your country, different continents, the oceans, how other people live, different countries and so on. Being a geographer is all about learning about the very world we live in! Geographers are interested in the Earth’s physical and human features and enjoy exploring how people affect the Earth and how the Earth affects people. The more we learn about our world, the better we can look after it. In school, you will learn about geography with practical and creative activities whenever possible, encouraging you to learn all the different aspects of our world in an exciting and interesting way.



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Nightingale Academy

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The best me that I can be!

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