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Eco School

Ten Topics of Eco School

This is an illustration created, at home, by one of our Eco Council members to show the Ten Topics for Eco School:

Global Citizenship, Water, Waste, Litter, School Grounds, Healthy Living, Energy, Biodiversity, Marine, Transport

Lia stated 'My mummy and Daddy were helping me select the photos to draw. My daddy drew the umbrella as it was a bit tricky'. I think we can all agree that they worked very well together to make a fabulous poster!

Eco Suggestion box

This suggestion box was made at home by one of our Eco Council members. The box is situated under the hall Eco display board and is there for both the school children and their families to use to forward eco ideas to the team.

Neeva stated, 'I used paper from the recycling bin, I really enjoyed making it'

We think she did an excellent job!


Plastic Free July


It's Plastic Free July and there is a website that can help you with the challenge of reducing your plastic usage. Take a look and see if you can give it a go!


World Rainforest Day


Today it's World Rainforest Day. We all understand the importance the rainforests are for the planet's health. Find out more by taking a look at the following link:





A message from our Eco council


An Eco Council member, from Reception, has an important message to share with you. 

No dig explained in 3 minutes

The beautiful simplicity of no dig gardening and it's quick and easy ground maintenance. At Homeacres the soil is healthy and clear of weeds, thanks to mulch...



With Spring turning into Summer have any of you been growing plants in your garden? If so, have you chosen to grow flowers or vegetables/fruit? . Whether you are an old hand or it's a new experience, there's a fabulous gardener who grows fruit and veg using a no dig method. Whenever we dig the ground we disturb the carbon, nutrients, microbes and creatures that reside in the soil. If you would like to know more, please take a look at the above link:



Here is a lovely piece of work from James. 


More amazing work made for World Oceans day!


World Ocean's Day


Wraparound have created some amazing Rainbow fish to show their understanding of the oceans and our environment...well done!





World Oceans' Day


As you will probably all know it's WOD today so to help with your home learning, we have added some WOD links for you to look at and learn more.


If you do any activities, please send photo as we'd love to add them to our Eco School page!

Father's day


Father's day is just around the corner so why not think about buying or making eco friendly gifts! Here is an example of some gifts:


Homemade cards would help to save waste so be creative and have a go at making a personalised card.

At Woodlands, we take Eco issues very seriously and we are very lucky to have Eco Councillors within our school, who meet regularly to discuss relevant and important ecological issues. We are always thinking of ways that we can help minimize the impact on our environment on a local and global scale. 


We participate in the Eco Schools programme which provides ideal means for fostering environmental awareness in the entire school in a way that links to many curriculum subjects. The primary aim of the Eco-Schools programme is to educate and empower young people to make positive decisions and become change makers for an environmentally sustainable world.

We enjoy working on the ten Eco Schools topics; Marine, Water, Biodiversity, Energy, Global Citizenship, Waste, Healthy Living, Transport, School Grounds and Litter.



Attached below,is  a list of activities based on our ten Eco topics, that you can do at home with your grown ups. 

Mr Carmichael’s sundial

Below, is a link to some ECO challenges that you can try with your family!




Friends of Shirley Park Litter Pickers! 

Want to help keep your local park clean and litter-free?

This monthly session takes place on the first Saturday of each month and the meeting point is by the War Memorial, Asda side of the park, at 2.30pm. All  equipment is provided free of charge.

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