We are pleased to annouce we have recieved a Certificate of Excellence from The National Pearson Teaching Awards for 'Make A Difference' Primary 2021 Category!

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Nightingale Academy

Woodlands Infant School

The best me that I can be!

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At Woodlands Infant School, we foster a hands-on curiosity for exploration of the world. We strive for the children to develop their ideas and ways of working that will enable them to make sense of the world in which they live through practical investigation. We develop pupils’ enjoyment and interest in Science and build on their enthusiasm, encouraging children to ask questions about what they notice and to treat the living and non-living environment with respect. Our Science lessons are taught through first-hand experiences using our school grounds and forest school and to work scientifically to develop their scientific understanding. Children are encouraged to be curious and ask questions about what they notice. They are helped to develop their scientific enquiry through observing changes, carrying out simple tests, and finding things out using for example, books, photographs and videos. We encourage our children to use simple scientific language to talk about what they have found out and communicate and record their ideas and findings in a variety of ways. We want our children to develop a real sense of awe and wonder about the world that they live in. 



Science Sparks website for science at home:


Usborne Books website with science experiment links:


The Imagination Tree with science experiments for children:


Science Kids experiments:


Science fun for everyone- experiments and ideas:


British Science Week Official website:


Home Science Activities:


Interactive Science Games:


Basic Animal Science:

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The best me that I can be!

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